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Official Thread What is a ID Block?

Discussion in 'Official' started by Enstage, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Enstage

    Enstage Owner

    Feb 17, 2015

    This is the one thing that seems to confuse the most people. If you are making an application, report or appeal it is always required.

    The Block itself is just a load of numbers, links and words that helps us identify who you are (being sure that we make no mistakes).

    To find it:

    1. Navigate to using your browser.
    2. Click the green button located on the right hand side 'Sign in through Steam'.
    3. Click 'Yes, Sign In', don't worry all SteamRep get is your profile number.
    4. After doing this you should have been returned to the home page.
    5. Now, where the green 'Sign in through Steam' button was, is your Steam profile image. Click on it.
    6. You should now see your profile, it should look like this:

      View attachment JnJ5UL.png
    7. Click 'Copy Info' (as highlighted above) and paste it into your application.
    Please note that we require the FULL 6 lines of the block, partial is not allowed.
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  2. Uchiha Madara

    Uchiha Madara New Member

    Dec 9, 2015

  3. Enstage

    Enstage Owner

    Feb 17, 2015