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Official Thread Updated Rules Board

Discussion in 'Official' started by Enstage, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Enstage

    Enstage Owner

    Feb 17, 2015

    Please take special note: [Donator]'s are NOT staff members.

    1. Sharking, scamming or any related activities (including assisting other individuals with such) is strictly prohibited.
    Bans for these offences will always be permanent. Our staff will also greatly encourage the victim to file a properly formatted report to, an anti-fraud organisation that marks users based on evidence provided to them in reports. Scammers will also be IP banned form our servers, meaning they will be unable to join even with alternate accounts.

    2. Spam of any type is not allowed.
    Spamming includes but is not limited to excessive use of the microphone, excessive use of weapons, excessive use of the chat or excessive trade requests. Punishment for this offence is completely up to the witnessing staff member.

    3. No exploiting, hacking or glitching.
    Glitching and exploiting covers any actions that give a player an unfair advantage over the other team and/or players. Hacking covers anything that is VAC ban-able (we cannot administer VAC bans). Exploiting and glitching bans will usually be a week one week ban from our servers on the first offence, and permanent on the second. Hacking bans should always be permanent.
    NOTE: Entering the enemy teams base IS exploiting/glitching and IS AGAINST the rules (Stop saying its not on the rule list)

    4. No talking over traders on the microphone.

    Our server is primarily a trade server. Hence trade discussion always gets priority over the microphone, you are permitted to have general discussions over the microphone, but when someone is advertising a trade, you must stop. If their advertising is excessive (in the opinion of a staff member) this falls under section two. This offence usually results in a mute of varying length.

    5. English only.
    English is the only language permitted to be spoken in chat or over the microphone. Our staff need to be able to understand what is being said. (Names are OK). This offence will result in a permanent silence. If you also happen to speak English you may appeal on the forums and then continue to use English only on the servers.

    6. One at a time on the microphone.
    One of our most important rules. Don't talk over each other, offences usually result in a 30 minute mute to let you calm down.

    7. Listen to staff.
    What they say is what goes, if you don't agree, leave the server. If they are abusing (in your opinion) contact an owner or the head admin.

    8. Misuse of the !calladmin or !report command is prohibited.
    We can track who sent either of these things. False reporting in either case will result in a seven day ban.

    9. No impersonation.
    Having the same, or very similar name (that could be interpreted as an impersonation attempt) of a staff member will always result in a permanent ban. Claiming to be another user also will also result in a permanent ban. We will most likely rename you if you if you copy the name of another user (or our automated plugin will ban you first).

    10. Do not abuse others.
    Swearing on our servers is fine, however swearing at people is a different matter; it is considered abuse and will be punished as such. No sexist, racist or bigotry behavior is to be displayed on the servers.

    11. No pornographic or revealing sprays.
    We have young kids on our servers lets not scare them yet OK? We will usually remove the spray and give a warning the first time, and ban the second.

    12. Do not ask for free items.
    Will result in a one day ban.

    13. Donators will not be refunded if banned.
    Users that buy donator and are then banned will not be refunded for time lost. This also includes lifetime donator. Donator can be removed at any time, at our discretion.

    14. No buildings in front of Portals (MEMBERS ARE NOT TO ENFORCE THIS)
    Buildings placed in front of portals with the purpose of trapping players is against the rules, and admins are allowed to destroy any buildings that are breaking this rule. The secret password is pineapple, if asked to read the rules, make sure you say pineapple to the person who asked you (or post it in your appeal if asked to read the rules), this is to make sure you truly did read the rules, do NOT tell anyone about this secret password, or you will be banned. We ask members, donators and players to NOT enforce this rule themselves. Leave this to staff members please.

    15. Backseat Moderating
    We appreciate help from users. However, please don't make up rules, try to force players to listen to you or claim you're calling an admin on them (it doesn't matter how nice you are about it). The correct thing to do would be to remind them of the rule number so they can check for themselves, if they continue; feel free to message an administrator on Steam.

    16. Alternate Accounts
    Using multiple accounts on our servers is allowed, there is not really much we can do to stop you anyway. However, if you are banned from the servers, please refrain from using alternate accounts to evade a ban, we can find out and if you are caught you will be permanently banned, regardless of the original ban. We consider any accounts within the same household to alternate, regardless of the owner.

    17. Lagging the server is prohibited
    This mainly includes sandman spam and other various things, we DO NOT want members or donators enforcing this rule. ONLY STAFF MEMBERS are to enforce this rule, backseat moderating of this rule can result in a ban for the member/donator.

    18. No giving personal information out about another player or staff member.
    This will result in a permanent ban without warning.

    19. Commenting on applications.
    Voting is made accessible through the dedicated vote function at the top of each trainee application. While we appreciate the opinions of our members, it is inappropriate for users to elaborate these votes via text or give recommendations as to the outcome of an application as outcomes are determined solely by staff. Any such recommendations will be deleted without warning. Showing your support for an applicant in text, however, is permitted.

    20. Just because a rule does not appear on the list, does not mean it is not one.
    Staff members (NOT DONORS)
    may apply certain rules, or disallow certain activities at their discretion, do not argue or use this list against them. This list is to clarify some basic rules. This list may change at any time; hence it is your responsibility to check it and understand it.

    By playing on our servers you agree to abide by the rules listed above.
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    • Pixels

      Pixels Member

      Feb 20, 2015

      sick one copying me scrub, im da real og
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      • GCK Pyrosdark

        GCK Pyrosdark New Member

        Sep 14, 2015

        lol noice :D
      • Enstage

        Enstage Owner

        Feb 17, 2015


        + Added "15. Backseat Moderating"
        + Added "16. Alternate Accounts"
        * Changed "15. Just because a rule does not appear on the list, does not mean it is not one." to "17. Just because a rule does not appear on the list, does not mean it is not one."
      • Enstage

        Enstage Owner

        Feb 17, 2015

        + Added "17. Lagging the server"
        * Changed "17. Just because a rule does not appear on the list, does not mean it is not one." to "18. Just because a rule does not appear on the list, does not mean it is not one."
      • Enstage

        Enstage Owner

        Feb 17, 2015

        * Changed rule 14. to ask members not to enforce it.
      • ATOMIX

        ATOMIX Freakishly Amazing Member

        Nov 29, 2015

        I didn't know there were punishment like this.
      • Pixel

        Pixel [Lifetime Donor]

        Jan 13, 2016

        Is spawn camping a rule?
      • Pixel

        Pixel [Lifetime Donor]

        Jan 13, 2016

      • ATOMIX

        ATOMIX Freakishly Amazing Member

        Nov 29, 2015

        any new rules we should be aware of enstage?
      • -=ST=- Warrak

        -=ST=- Warrak Active Member

        Nov 6, 2015

        I constantly have people spray over my spray and i hate it, is it against the rules? If it is can i report them for it?
      • Enstage

        Enstage Owner

        Feb 17, 2015

        No you cannot report them, no this is not against the rules.
      • CraftyesaGaming

        CraftyesaGaming Retired

        Jun 17, 2016

        I'll keep a reminder of these when playing. Thanks
      • Kool

        Kool [Lifetime Donor]

        Dec 10, 2015

      • Shadoo

        Shadoo Retired

        Feb 16, 2016

        Added (18. No giving out personal information)