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Announcement SMT Gaming Closing Down

Discussion in 'Official' started by Enstage, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Enstage

    Enstage Owner

    Feb 17, 2015

    Unfortunately, SMT Gaming will be closing effective immediately. Thanks everyone for making this community what it was for so many years.

    The details of the closure are as follows:
    • Closure of our remaining servers (TF2, TeamSpeak),
    • Closure of the majority of our forum sections (applications, server ban appeals, reports etc),
    • All staff will be collapsed into a single role,
    • Staff backend / portal will no longer be online,
    • File host ( ) will remain online, but will not accept new file uploads,
    • SourceBans will be shutdown and inaccessible.
    • Our Discord will remain online, it is currently the most active part of this community, I will keep it around for as long as it is still used, majority of roles and channels will be collapsed,
    • [Donator]'s will be refunded, minus the time already spent as a donor,
    • [Lifetime Donator]'s will not be refunded (all current [Lifetime Donator]'s have had the role for a suitable period now).
    To finish with, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to SMT during it's life, I wish everyone the best. Especially:
    • Nooge for years of service managing the community, building maps, handling general matters and basically just being the owner that I wasn't when I got lazy ;)
    • FunWithSmexy for founding this community in the first place,
    • GoodsonGuys for your support during the early days trying to get the community to take off,
    • The teamspeak crew for single-handedly keeping that thing alive for long past its death,
    • Flying Sloth, FapNap, Murdoch, Makaveli, Sexy Emu, Archencation for all your help managing SMT and it's servers,
    • All of our staff and players for your active participation in the community, and providing an escape for so many members of the community.

    We are still working out how we will handle our tags on SteamRep, at the current time our appeals section remains open, but we are not accepting any further reports.

    If anyone wants a copy of any of our custom plugins, features, scripts, etc, please contact me on Steam, I would be more than happy to share them with you -- I may put some of it on GitHub.

    Thanks all,
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    • Nymodia

      Nymodia [Lifetime Donor]

      Aug 1, 2016

      I'd like to file a report
    • Emunator

      Emunator [Lifetime Donor]

      Aug 23, 2016

      Had a lot of fun on this server the past years.
      Lots of memories and friends. Will be missed. :sob:
      Get Good, Get SMT-GAMING.NET
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      • NamesMonk

        NamesMonk Senior Server Moderator Junior Trade Moderator [Lifetime Donor]

        Oct 3, 2016

      • ShogunMetalShot

        ShogunMetalShot Retired

        Jul 30, 2017

        I had a good time here. Sad to see it closing down, though. Brings a tear to the eye, it does.