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Resolved [Server Ban Appeal] Reyaun

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Flawless, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Flawless

    Flawless [Donator]

    Dec 17, 2016

    Appeal Logistics
    Name at time of ban:
    Now You See Me
    Type of ban:
    Server Ban Appeal
    Appeal Plea:
    I am innocent, I didn't break any rules.
    Ban reason:
    I was trying to play with my friend and people were cyber bullying me and calling my application shit I told them to stop and they didn't and Nesquikr encouraged them to roast me then she banned me for no reason
    Appeal Information
    Make your case:
    I dont deserve to be banned. Nesquikr was being toxic to me and targeted me because I was asking for help​
    Idk ask Snek he was there​
  2. Enstage

    Enstage Owner

    Feb 17, 2015

    Having a brief look at your chat history; you needed the cool off time (ban was only 30 minutes, not very long at all). The ban was justified in my opinion.

    I've also taken a look at the staff members chat history, all they said was "lam you proud of our son, he roasted bape" after telling you not to impersonate a staff member, immediately after this messaged you claimed they were targeting you. Should there be any other content (in private message etc) then you can send me that over PC (private conversation), but as far as I can see, there was no encouragement of "roasting" you by anyone on staff.

    Had players participated in "roasting" you, and strayed from our rules, I would expect the staff member to keep it to an acceptable and friendly level. I will personally ensure the staff member in this case understands that.

    @Reyaun you are also receiving a super stern warning for pretending to be staff, its pretty clear that multiple times over today you were pretending to be staff. As I wasn't there and I can't fully understand the context of the specific situations; this is only a warning. Impersonation warrants a permanent ban, do not continue to do so.

    We do not want you to feel unsafe or unwelcome in this community.

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