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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Poi, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Poi

    Poi Server Moderator

    Feb 20, 2015


    I'm a new member here and would just like to introduce myself to everyone.
    My name is Poi and my hobbies are baking and reading.
    I aspire to become a respected member of the community and wish you all a good day.

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    • Onyx

      Onyx [Donator]

      Jul 25, 2015

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      • Murdoch

        Murdoch Senior Server Moderator [Lifetime Donor]

        Jul 31, 2016

        enjoy time here
      • Emunator

        Emunator Junior Trade Moderator Forum Moderator [Lifetime Donor]

        Aug 23, 2016

        Welcome back to the SMT Community Poi, I hope you find it is even better than previously before. :)
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        • -=SMT=-Majestic{18DD}

          -=SMT=-Majestic{18DD} Server Moderator

          Feb 23, 2016

          Welcome back Poi, Looking forward to talking to you. :D
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          • Quirky

            Quirky Senior Server Moderator

            Apr 12, 2016

          • Makaveli

            Makaveli TF2 Rapid Fire Manager Division Manager Development Team Junior Trade Moderator Forum Moderator

            May 27, 2016

            Better head admin than fap, hello.
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            • Onyx

              Onyx [Donator]

              Jul 25, 2015

            • Pudgey

              Pudgey [Lifetime Donor]

              Nov 2, 2016

              Hello old person, seen you on discord a bit, if I can be arsed ill try to get to know you more

              Welcome (back?) :)))
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              • Kool

                Kool [Lifetime Donor]

                Dec 10, 2015

                "Hi there. The door is that way, No over there, there it is!"
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              • Enstage

                Enstage Owner

                Feb 17, 2015

              • Poi

                Poi Server Moderator

                Feb 20, 2015

                Henlo enstag, go eat a booger u stanky berd
              • Poi

                Poi Server Moderator

                Feb 20, 2015

                Nice husky