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Pending POZZIE's Trainee Application

Discussion in 'Trainee Applications' started by POZZIE, Jan 30, 2018.

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    POZZIE [Donator]

    Aug 15, 2017

    About me
    Date of birth:
    General Location:
    Applying for the following server(s):
    [TF2] Rapid Fire + Unlimited Ammo + Trade​
    Do you have a microphone:
    Alternative accounts:
    Do you understand SteamRep, please explain?
    SteamRep is a place for the community on steam or elsewhere to look at other people's reputation on steam within a variety of games,the reason why owner Diego made steamRep because It would help users report any scamming and it was to make sure users have a safe and a better understanding of who they might be trading with and see their reputation and keep safe from scamming or frauds.​
    About you:
    Hi! I'am Pozzie I live in Adelaide I'am 17 I play alot of tf2 espically on SMT, I have just started my last year of highschool this year (on Monday) I I'am pretty happy bubbly guy happy meet everyone I met but I can be serious at times it is needed. I play some sport like Cricket and Lacrosse and getting into the habit on Aussie rules. I'am from England :) but I'm an Australian citizen (not a refugee) I do like to be a patriot for my country and community :)
    I speak English and Japanese and considering on a 3rd language.
    And I have a part time job at a golf club , so thats me Pozzie :)
    Application Information
    I have kinda an experience as a admin by taking up the role as I guess "admin" when no one just to keep it all in check.​
    Why do you want to be a Trainee?
    I would like to be a trainee since late 2014 when I first joined this server and when the graveyard required the scorch shot to open it, I fell in love with the server , I decided after millions of vists to the servers I wanted to get to know the people which I enjoyed meeting and now, I'am here nearly knowing everyone here applying for an admin on which a community I truely love.​
    My challenges I would face is the bad egg , who might be scamming/phishing/sharking/opskins trade/imposter/ etc
    My only other thing I will most likely face is my voice I have only just gotten back to the habit of using it , on which I feel I wont get the respect I should have for my age.​
    Yes I have read through the requirements​
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    • n00dl s00p

      n00dl s00p Server Moderator

      Apr 19, 2015

      Good luck, I think it's a pretty solid application. :)
    • POZZIE

      POZZIE [Donator]

      Aug 15, 2017

      ohhh nearly forgot , in requirements, I'am applying for rapid fire trade server
    • Wolf_

      Wolf_ [Lifetime Donor]

      Jul 4, 2016


      Good luck my dude :p
    • -=ST=- Blind Bacon

      -=ST=- Blind Bacon [Lifetime Donor]

      Apr 10, 2016

    • iGreeny

      iGreeny Server Moderator [Lifetime Donor]

      Jun 16, 2015

      +1 Awesome dude also solid application! :D
    • FapNap

      FapNap Staff Manager Senior Management

      Apr 9, 2015

      Application Pending.
    • POZZIE

      POZZIE [Donator]

      Aug 15, 2017

      Hey ummm I won't be on for a bit since something in family has happened , sorry for the Inconvenience