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Declined: Moderator Plazmagamming's Forum Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Application Archive' started by Plazmagamming, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Plazmagamming

    Plazmagamming New Member

    Mar 17, 2017
    About me
    Date of birth:
    Apr 25, 1972​
    General Location:
    Australia, Victoria, Melbourne​
    Alternative accounts:
    I have none i don't think.​
    Do you understand SteamRep, please explain?
    it is a website on every player on TF2 IP and trading history.​
    About you:
    I have a brother and a 2 dogs, I love cricket, I love TF2, I play on your servers all the time #1 sever in TF2 and I love video-games, I am also a kitchen designer. :):heart_eyes:
    Application Information
    no but I do have some experience in moderating. I know how to do some parts of it.:blush:
    Why do you want to be a forum moderator?
    well I have a friend Paradox one of the moderators and he said it is real fun and I should have a go at the challenge, plus I also want to learn more stuff about moderating so I though why no give it a go.;)
    I don't have many weaknesses but I have a few.
    • The hard parts on the moderating.
    • To find real hackers because most people just say someone is a hacker after they kill them especially the kids on the server.
    • To also find real scammers because same thing people just say someone scammed them sort of like the "Boy how cried wolf".
    Tell us a joke:
    3 elephants are in a balloon they all fall out 2 landed on land 1 landed in water. BUD! DUM! SPLASH!​
    Area(s) of focus:
    trainee applications because I really want to be like a little sidekick to Paradox, and that is not the only reason it is also because I want to improve my moderator skills.:)
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    • The Flying Sloth

      The Flying Sloth Development Senior Management Development Team

      Jun 29, 2015

      To clarify, are you applying for a forum staff position or server staff?
      Your application seems to indicate server while it is posted in the forum applications area.

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      • NamesMonk

        NamesMonk Senior Server Moderator Junior Trade Moderator

        Oct 3, 2016

        Hello there,

        Could you please link your steam account to the forum.
        Here is a picture to show you how to do it.

        [​IMG] (stolen from Quirky)
        1. Hover your mouse over your name in the top right-hand corner
        2. On the left of the drop down you will see " External Accounts "
        3. Add Steam Account.
        I feel that little effort has been put into this application.
        thank you for applying but I feel that little effort has been put into this application and it looks like you have lied about your age, and I am not to sure but I think you were meaning to apply for server trainee not a forum moderator. Nonetheless thank you for applying.
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        • Kool

          Kool [Lifetime Donor]

          Dec 10, 2015

          This Appears To Be A Application For Server Staff, It Might Not Be But I Am Still Going To Say No
        • The Flying Sloth

          The Flying Sloth Development Senior Management Development Team

          Jun 29, 2015