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Accepted Player Report (76561198427735962 - Tbag)

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Emunator, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Emunator

    Emunator [Lifetime Donor]

    Aug 23, 2016

    Player Report

    Accused Information
    Accused's SteamID64:
    Accused's Name:

    Incident Details
    What happened:
    Accomplice in pic(He was doing it before aswell):
    HammerJack1 I Trader

    Tele/building trapping. Happens often at the graveyard, someone would be a tele and often a sentry dispencer next to it. (The building next to it is built to stop people slipping/clipping through the tele, wedging them in if they dont tele into it fully, which was built by hammer.)​
  2. Quirky

    Quirky Retired

    Apr 12, 2016