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Archived Player Report (76561198366470737 - jake the muss [Oot])

Discussion in 'Archived Reports' started by Froggy Slothy, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Froggy Slothy

    Froggy Slothy [Donator]

    Aug 18, 2017

    Player Report

    Accused Information
    Accused's SteamID64:
    Accused's Name:
    jake the muss [Oot]

    Incident Details
    What happened:
    alright so what happened from what i know is, Jake the muss was drunk, he was acting all cool to begin with but then when Mas joined he started acting up, he was acting all aggressive, wanting to fight Mas in real life, going as far as to send his own address to Mas via the in game chat, i didn't properly listen to the whole thing but from what i could tell, Jake was being really aggressive to Mas & wanting to fight him & such, eventually Mas started to take the piss by insulting him in really shitposting/meme like ways, i had a little laugh about it, after he left the server it stopped, a little while after that he sent me messages saying he was going to report us, how i was taking Mas's side ect.​
    jake the muss [Oot]: im going to report u like all the rest
    jake the muss [Oot]: im not gay but i like gay ppls
    jake the muss [Oot]: however i dont care
    jake the muss [Oot]: i have u recoreded like all the rest
    jake the muss [Oot]: im happy to leave now
    jake the muss [Oot]: but im going to place the recordingsd i have with the police
    jake the muss [Oot]: my uncle is the chief of police
    Froggy Slothy: uhm, what did i do exactly?
    jake the muss [Oot]: u my friend nothing
    Froggy Slothy: then what was with this message?
    Froggy Slothy: "jake the muss [Oot]: im going to report u like all the rest"
    jake the muss [Oot]: okay mate report u
    jake the muss [Oot]: ill report u to
    jake the muss [Oot]: actually i allready have videos of u
    Froggy Slothy: why though?
    jake the muss [Oot]: spose ill just hand them in
    jake the muss [Oot]: i never wanted to fight u
    Froggy Slothy: i don't even know what i did.
    jake the muss [Oot]: u joined mas side
    Froggy Slothy: not really.
    jake the muss [Oot]: yeh u did
    jake the muss [Oot]: traitor
    jake the muss [Oot]: i was listening when mass joined n started troubble
    Froggy Slothy: i didn't agree with him on anything, plus if you were to report me you would having nothing to report me for. jake the muss [Oot]: u suked up his ass
    jake the muss [Oot]: nah ill just give everything i got
    Froggy Slothy: you're drunk aren't you?
    jake the muss [Oot]: all my recordings
    Froggy Slothy: just get some rest.
    Froggy Slothy: you're drunk, come back when you're sober man. jake the muss [Oot]: nah froggy go fuck mas in the ass
    jake the muss [Oot]: traitor cunt
    Froggy Slothy: i'm too fucked to deal with this, just rest man.
    jake the muss [Oot]: ynah bro ur a bad cunt
    jake the muss [Oot]: go fuck ur buddy'
    Froggy Slothy: see, now you're seeming like the bad guy here. jake the muss [Oot]: watever ima go tell corny bout this
    Froggy Slothy: don't worry, i'll be sending him all this too.
    jake the muss [Oot]: ok ill send him our convo haha
    jake the muss [Oot]: traitor
    Froggy Slothy: dude, grow up. seriously.
    Froggy Slothy: be the bigger man.
    jake the muss [Oot]: nah im telling sean everything
    jake the muss [Oot]: your a traitor on us
    jake the muss [Oot]: go with mas
    jake the muss [Oot]: traitor go with mas
    Froggy Slothy: no i'm not, you're just acting like a child because you're drunk.
    jake the muss [Oot]: watever buddy
    Froggy Slothy: you're how old? just act your age.
    jake the muss [Oot]: go with mas bro
    jake the muss [Oot]: sieriously go
    Froggy Slothy: i wonder if sober you will look at these messages & think how stupid you were being for attacking a 15 year old for no reason.
    Froggy Slothy: just know that you're in the wrong for attacking a child.
    jake the muss [Oot]: its all cool froggy im out i just told corn
    jake the muss [Oot]: leave me alone pls
    jake the muss [Oot]: im out go suk mas cock
    jake the muss [Oot]: im out u wont see me again m8
    jake the muss [Oot]: im gone
    jake the muss [Oot]: talk to horny bout it
    Froggy Slothy: i have been.
    jake the muss [Oot]: ok buy​
  2. Makaveli

    Makaveli TF2 Rapid Fire Manager Division Manager Development Team Senior Trade Moderator Forum Moderator

    May 27, 2016

    Accused is already banned, thanks for the report.