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My Birthday.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic / Forum Games' started by Pudgey, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Pudgey

    Pudgey [Lifetime Donor]

    Nov 2, 2016

    Whats poppin' me old cream crackers? Come 24th it's my birthday, exciting right? I'm just wondering what you've all got me, dont bop my noggin. Cheers darlings.

    I made this for myself, wondered if anyone had feedback?
  2. Onyx

    Onyx Senior Server Moderator [Donator]

    Jul 25, 2015

    I'm getting you a life.

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    • Makaveli

      Makaveli TF2 Rapid Fire Manager Division Manager Development Team Senior Trade Moderator Forum Moderator

      May 27, 2016

      Nobody cares, why don't you do the world a favour and end your life?

      Love Makaveli <3
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      • Onyx

        Onyx Senior Server Moderator [Donator]

        Jul 25, 2015

      • Quirky

        Quirky Senior Server Moderator

        Apr 12, 2016

        Im getting you a pro ks Sydney Sleeper cause you have no skillz.

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