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Archived Boxing Arena no not miniguns

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by followersofbreadbearadmin, Nov 13, 2016.

Direct Hit or Cow Mangler 5000

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  1. Direct Miss

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  2. Hitting a building with a pillow

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  1. followersofbreadbearadmin

    followersofbreadbearadmin New Member

    Nov 13, 2016
    Hi I hope Enstage is reading this I was dtamsitt remember me? yeah you do anyway i'd like to make a report regarding the Concheror, Buff Banner and Battilion's Backup if you enter the boxing arena closing/opening door while in the middle of playing them you can keep using them, forever. This however may cause disadvantage because you cannot pullout your melee. I don't know how to upload the image but here is the details:

    that should link it
  2. Majestic{18DD}

    Majestic{18DD} Server Moderator

    Feb 23, 2016

    We have a rule one our servers, " No primary weapons " in the boxing arena. We know it's a map glitch and we are working on a solution to this issue.
  3. Enstage

    Enstage Owner

    Feb 17, 2015