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Pending (_-HS-_) Hydrota's Trainee Application

Discussion in 'Trainee Applications' started by (_-HS-_) Hydrota, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. (_-HS-_) Hydrota

    (_-HS-_) Hydrota New Member

    Aug 6, 2018

    About me
    Date of birth:
    General Location:
    Sydney, Australia​
    Applying for the following server(s):
    [TF2] Rapid Fire + Unlimited Ammo + Trade​
    Do you have a microphone:
    Alternative accounts:
    No, i do not​
    Do you understand SteamRep, please explain?
    SteamRep is a service of the (OFPF) Online Fraud Prevention Foundation,

    Which allows users to check other profiles, to see if there have been any fraudulent attempts.​
    About you:
    I am 17, I enjoy playing multiple games, The main games i play consist of:

    Teamfortress 2: 1226 Hours
    Counter-Strike Global offencive: 175 Hours
    Garrys mod: 118 Hours

    I also enjoy assisting new players to teach them new skills, for example, rocket jumping, flicking, airshots, ect. wilst still having a bit of fun.

    In my spare time i mostly go hang out with friends and go and be a firefighter with the (RFS).
    Application Information
    I Have not yet had any experience in being a staff member, but i do like to assist, where it is possible for me to do so, for example, reporting players accused of cheating, calling an admin or moderator.​
    Why do you want to be a Trainee?
    I would like to become an SMT-Trainee because i want to help the community grow. I want to have the Knowledge and skills so that i can help the community in whatever they need.

    I want to help anybody that needs help with anything, may it be: Cheaters, hackers, mic spam, anything at all.​
    As a Staff member the challenges i would be expecting to see are
    players who like to cause trouble for example, Admin Impersinators, Hackers, Bullies, ect.

    Another challenge would be dealing with players who dont comply with the rules of the server.​
    Yes, and i agree​
  2. -=ST=-LOLKing192

    -=ST=-LOLKing192 [Donator]

    Dec 10, 2016

    Pretty cool guy in my opinion, sometimes makes me laugh and really friendly, +1 for meh :DD
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    • Parallax Gaming

      Parallax Gaming [Lifetime Donor]

      Sep 18, 2016

      Nice application. +1 from me. Good luck man :)
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      • ShogunMetalShot

        ShogunMetalShot Retired

        Jul 30, 2017

      • Makaveli

        Makaveli TF2 Rapid Fire Manager Division Manager Development Team Senior Trade Moderator Forum Moderator

        May 27, 2016