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Pending Kozu♥ B>DiscountItems's Trainee Application

Discussion in 'Trainee Applications' started by Kozu♥ B>DiscountItems, Jan 6, 2017.

Should we accept this person?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Kozu♥ B>DiscountItems

    Kozu♥ B>DiscountItems New Member

    Jan 6, 2017

    About me
    Date of birth:
    September 23 1999​
    General Location:
    Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia​
    Applying for the following server(s):
    [TF2] Rapid Fire + Unlimited Ammo + Trade​
    Do you have a microphone:
    Alternative accounts:
    JasonThePotato (little brother)
    ★ Wolfie | Beta Wolf (i have a small little group and wanted to use this acc to store stuff but atm is extremely inactive xD)​
    Do you understand SteamRep, please explain?
    Its a website for u to check if there are any past reports of scams or marked players by typing their steam url into the website and also could be use to check if they are trusted middleman or valve employees.​
    About you:
    Hi, Im Kozu.Ive been playing tf2 since 2014 but stopped for a while due to exams i have around 500+ hours on tf2 and is usually on one of the servers whenever im trading in tf2 which is all i do in tf2.
    This server has a great community of friendly players and admins but also there are some griefers as well as mic spammers.
    Application Information
    I have not a lot of experience but would like to learn as much as i can from other staffs.I usually help to point out the rules they are breaking but they dont listen because im not a mod or admin.​
    Why do you want to be a Trainee?
    Because there are too many players that exploit the boxing ring glitch for them to use guns.There is also a group of people who spams the mic and not for talking normally or trades they just scream in the mic yelling some word loudly repeatedly.And a group of people who doesnt know the english only rule . I would like to be a trainee to help stop some of these problems in the server because i know not all the admins are on all the time.​
    They wont respect me at first because im still new or they just dont respect me as a staff as they're are tons of other servers they could join and they will just be little kids and argue like "So what if your a mod or staff"​
  2. Makaveli

    Makaveli TF2 Rapid Fire Manager Division Manager Development Team Junior Trade Moderator Forum Moderator

    May 27, 2016

    this application is pending!

    One of our requirements is to be a member of our discord, could you please join (Link: https://discord.gg/RXB73TS )

    Do you have any questions I could answer for you?
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    • Kozu♥ B>DiscountItems

      Kozu♥ B>DiscountItems New Member

      Jan 6, 2017

      Is there any special rules like no weps in boxing ring and whats the discord for?
    • Shadoo

      Shadoo TF2 Rapid Fire Manager Division Manager

      Feb 16, 2016

      To see the rules click here. Discord is so you can come speak to regulars and speak to staff.
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      • Shaco | trade.tf

        Shaco | trade.tf Server Moderator

        Oct 3, 2016

        Good luck \o/
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        • Kozu♥ B>DiscountItems

          Kozu♥ B>DiscountItems New Member

          Jan 6, 2017

          U might have seen me b4 as kawaiipotato xD
        • -=SMT=- Katpolice l Stn.tf

          -=SMT=- Katpolice l Stn.tf Forum Moderator Server Moderator

          Dec 3, 2015

          Good luck!
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          • -=ST=-LOLKing192

            -=ST=-LOLKing192 [Donator]

            Dec 10, 2016

            i hope you get it! Good Luck!
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